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Code of conduct for students

Code of conduct for students

Breach of School Discipline

Any student found guilty of a serious breach of discipline will be summarily expelled from the school without any liability on the part of the institution.
In case of any legal involvement with the school, either by the student or by his/her parent/ guardian, to safeguard the interests of other students and to maintain a healthy atmosphere in the school, the school authorities reserve the right to cancel the admission of the concerned student without any prior notice and the entire fee paid during the academic year shall be forfeited and even the entry of the child/parents will be restricted.
The following shall constitute the breach of school discipline :
  • Misconduct and moral turpitude.
  • Nonpayment of school dues.
  • Non adherence to school rules and regulations.
  • Failing twice in the same class.
  • Continuous absence for a fortnight without proper sanction of leave.
  • Damage to the school property.
  • Use of foul or abusive language.
  • We encourage punctuality and regularity. A child with 100% attendance is given a citation on Annual Result Declaration Day.
  • If a child remains absent from school without a proper sanction of leave, he will be fined Rs. 10/- per day for day scholars & Rs. 100/- per day for Hostellers.
  • A continuous absence of 15 days or irregularity will get the name struck off from the school rolls. No leave will be sanctioned during examination.
School Uniform
School has a prescribed uniform to be put on at all the time, when the child attends the school. Any violation will be taken as indiscipline and the child may be turned out of the school for the day or fined a penalty of Rs. 100/- for such violation. A repeated violation will be considered willful disobedience and the child may be rusticated/expelled from the school.


School Dues
School tuition fee is to be paid on quarterly basis before 15th of every first month of the set. Defaults in payment will be treated as follows:


Defaults Pecuniary Penalty/Late fee fine
Pecuniary Penalty/Late fee fine No late fee fine.
16 day of the month to 20 day Rs. 5/- per day
21 day to 25 day Rs. 10/- per day
26 day to the last day of the First month Rs. 20/- per day


If the dues are not received till the last day of the First month, the name of child will automatically get struck off.
When a child is admitted in the school, parents who desire to withdraw him/her are required to submit in writing at least one month in advance. After the application is received the child will be issued with a school T C on clearance of various dues of different faculties including the school dues. Security money once claimed in writing will further be sent to the parents by A/C Payee cheque in the name of the child after 30 days of the issuance of T C and all the dues have been settled. If the security money is not claimed within six months of the withdrawal/striking off the name, it will automatically get forfeited.
When the name of the student is struck off the rolls for any reason, whatsoever, the parents will have to seek readmission
if they are interested in it.

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