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Pastoral Care

Pastoral Care

SKKPS works hard to provide an effective framework of support through encouraging a culture of caring for others and personal responsibility while providing opportunities for pupils to ask for help if they need it. In all aspects of hostel life, the staff supplies outstanding support and guidance. The highly effective pastoral arrangements are centered on the hostels, where the housemasters, tutors and matrons form an important team available to students at all times. In addition a health educator visits frequently and acts as a ‘listening ear’ for anyone who needs assistance and guidance.

The school believes in fostering each individual's potentialities and providing opportunities for successful learning and growth. The school trains the students in such a way that they learn to shoulder responsibilities and handle situations independently

The housemaster is accessible to all and fulfils a valuable role in offering confidential counselling and guidance, as does the school counsellor. Heads of houses and senior students take responsibility for mentoring younger boys. Relationships between staff and students and amongst pupils of different ages are exemplary. Senior students influence and encourage useful initiative and good behaviour by their example. Students are supportive of each other within hostels and around the school, and this promotes a safe, comfortable environment within which to develop.


Siwani Mandi - 127046
Distt. Bhiwani (Haryana)
Contact No : 01255-277624, 278031


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