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Person gains conscience by doing good deeds again & again and 
the one who has conscience keeps on doing good deeds

Developing a yearn for learning is the most important thing. Making a child feel significant, having his say is to elicit what is inside him. Allow a child to speak, seek his participation, his help, his co-operation, his answer with nobody to doubt his capabilities. Thus you will know his real self. When we say, “know thyself”, it's to know your true self, your inner infiniteness and It also of-course alludes to have set boundaries for tall talks. With the change in the social and familial strata, the educational institutions are changing colossally to meet such individual and market needs. Institutions have now shifted from teaching and testing to learning and improvement; an experiential learning. Provide a congenial environment, extend all help to remove the child's handicaps, be a guide to the young minds, be an elderly member to support, making them envision their future, facilitating them to have their goal set and have a vision of their own.
The greatest virtue of life is to do ones duty cheerfully. The duty of studies for a student, the duty of teaching for a teacher or it could be any duty that we as human beings are assigned or have accepted. And when our duty is done with willing acceptance, with an upbeat mood, it will naturally be a masterpiece stamped by us. It will become an exemplary performance. Both Doer/ Provider and moralized/ provided will enjoy. This is an ideal situation, an ecstatic moment. The Life becomes a journey with a zest, love and learning.
Shree Krishna Pranami Public School, Siwani situated in a countryside of Haryana has the best of the infrastructure which everybody can vie for. I know even the metropolitan and the elite cities sometimes don't have such palatial buildings, designed and raised in the state of the art form of Sandipani Academic Block and Dr Radhakrishnan Academic Block. There is a multipurpose hall named after Guru Rabindra Nath Tagore to house more than thousand students. The school library building, Music and dance hall, Art room, the residential blocks of boys and girls enamor one and all. We lay lot of stress on overall development of the child. Besides academics there are various sports, cultural and social interschool activities planned that a child gets a rich exposure of life. We work through students council making students responsible for various events.
We regard parents as partners in the impart of education to the children. We have a care and share aura, keeping the parents always informed of all the developments of the school, particularly focused on individual performance. Every parent gets a monthly report in writing with other relevant remarks and telephonically informed of all day-to-day achievements.
I wish all associated with the school a splendid future.
Mr. SS Balhara
Email :


Siwani Mandi - 127046
Distt. Bhiwani (Haryana)
Contact No : 01255-277624, 278031


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