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School Dues

School Dues

School tuition fee is to paid on two month basis before 15th of every first month of the set. Defaults in payment will be treated as follows:

Defaults Pecuniary Penalty/Late fee fine
1st to of the month No late fee fine.
16th day of the month to 20th day Rs. 2/- per day.
21st day to 25th day Rs. 5/- per day
26th day to the last day of the First Month Rs. 10/- per day

If the dues are not received till the last day of the first month, the name of child will automatically get struck off.

When a child is admitted in the school, parents who desire to withdraw him/her are required to submit in writing at least one month in advance. After the application is received the child will be issued with a school T.C. on clearance of various dues of different faculties including the school dues. Security money once claimed in writing will further be sent to the parents by A/C Payee cheque in the name of the child after 30 days of the issuance of T.C. & that all the dues have been settled. If the security money is not claimed within six months of the withdrawal/striking off name, it will automatically get forfeited.

Re – Admission
When the name of the student is struck of the rolls for any reason, whatsoever, the parents will have to seek re – admission if they are interested in it.

School Timings

  Summer Winter
Kindergarten Section 0800 to 1230 Hrs. 0900 to 1330 Hrs
Class First onwards 0800 to 1400 Hrs. 0900 to 1500 Hrs.

Student bodies

School is founded on the fundamental principles of democracy by including the students in all important decision making body. Students are included in School council, Mess Committee, Games Committee, Menu Committee, Library committee ,Film Committee etc. along with teachers who guide them to take proper decisions.

Educational Tours
All students from Classes III to XII go on Educational Tours for eight days every year. The senior students are divided into groups and they go out for trekking.The school encourages visits to places of Educational, Historical and of Cultural interests as part of their education. Each year a number of students from the school are selected for the adventure courses. They go to Uttarkashi or Darjeeling for Mountaineering Course and for Rock Climbing Course

Contemplation ground
On festivals in the evening students assemble at the contemplation ground. Talks by students and Faculty members on various topics are a regular feature of the assembly. This is also the time for meditation as students sit in silence for a few minutes.

The school has NCC Air wing. Students from classes VII to IX can join the Air wing. Annual Camping is a compulsory part of the NCC training. The NCC cadets join local rallies on Independence and Republic Days. Cadets are also chosen for Advance Leadership Training Camps and Rock-Climbing Camps. Attending the NCC camps is compulsory for all cadets


Siwani Mandi - 127046
Distt. Bhiwani (Haryana)
Contact No : 01255-277624, 278031


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