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Knowledge gives the vision to see beyond some obvious things. 
Hard work is the truth. Sacrifice is the greatest happiness.

When we say, "Whole Child Education" it can not be measured and if we try, we then fail to engage those sides of children that must be developed in order for them to pull learning from life. We prepare kids to compete in the 21st century global marketplace or what will ensure that all have command of basic skills. These include: initiative, integrity, imagination, an inquiring mind, self-knowledge, interpersonal skills, and the ability to feel and recognize truth on different levels.
It's now fifteen years that this institution has grown in all the spheres of education. We have journeyed from a small number of students to thousands now disseminating their achievements in all fields e.g. sports, academic, art, music, scientific, adventurous undertakings, NCC (Air Wing) activities, literary and mathematics Olympiads and so on. School has reached the level of catering to the needs of young minds from Siwani Mandi to national ambit inviting them (students) from other states and even countries forming an organized residential complex of hostel. It has then further crossed the national boundaries to pick up global partnership with a school of United Kingdom ,The Sir Roger Manwood School, Kent. It's every year that we have students from UK along-with their teachers on the school campus for sharing the cultural and educational aspects of twenty first century and reciprocally we send the students from our school to the host and partner school in UK for a fortnight. This helps the students in entirety, not merely the visitors, to live in the globalized world wandering out of the shadow of the domestic wall.
I am proud of the achievements of the students in their lives. Many of them are well settled as Doctors, Engineers, Entrepreneurs, CAs and I feel satisfied having incepted this platform for them in the form of a public school to realize their dreams. I must also thank teachers for their apt and sincere professionalism and parents for their whole hearted support over the years.
We have teachers from all around the country right from Eastern states to Southern, Western, Central and even the Northern states. It's undoubtedly wonderful to be among all whenever there is a moment for me. I find myself a part of the macrocosm and often like to share with those enlightened and noble souls. We select the teachers purely on merit from across the country and keep them vibrant through various in-house training and seminars. Most of the staff members are residents of school residential complex forming a community of their own. They, by virtue of being on the campus, take care of the students' special and normal educational needs.
We have made special arrangements of live-coaching from Kota for the students of classes XI and XII. This is after the school hours with a minor extra cost to the child. The management does not mind making any kind of provision for the students whenever it's found that it can be instrumental in enhancing students' development.
I wish students and parents make use of the provisions so made.


Siwani Mandi - 127046
Distt. Bhiwani (Haryana)
Contact No : 01255-277624, 278031


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