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Teaching Methodology

Teaching Methodology

 The school adopts different teaching strategy at different levels to make teaching interesting and effective so that the knowledge is imparted effectively.

At Pre-primary level the methodology is based on guide lines of play-way method introduced by Ms Maria Montessori in which teaching learning process is carried out through activities.

At primary and senior levels students enjoy a better interaction with teacher through class room activities in language and demonstrations from learning skills to practical skills through use of CD’s based on syllabus in all most all the subjects. Demonstration method has been found more effective in science subjects particularly to support the discovery approach of the students.

At each level use of equipped advanced labs and latest CD’s help the students to acquire practical and conceptual knowledge regarding each and every subject. In particular the teaching strategy at every level is child and knowledge oriented using advanced teaching and audio visual aids.

The school is using face-to-face discussions with the student which is found very effective

The housemasters also make parents aware of their concerns for the academic success and provide them with options and resources for academic assistance, including:



Study Groups and Academic Workshops

In addition, students may be referred to other campus resources such as Supportive Services, Mentor system etc.

Staff may continue to monitor a specific student's progress to assist him/her in meeting his/her academic goals, not only for the current term, but until completion of his/her schooling.


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Distt. Bhiwani (Haryana)
Contact No : 01255-277624, 278031


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